Module 3 - Week 05
After 3 days of working on this bridge, it is just only taking 10 minutes to destroy this bridge!!
Filip talks about Deaf Art.
"STOP, I want ask something"
During the break, they're relaxing in the sun.
It's clear that Lars is happy with us!
All day it's going about Team Building and Teamwork.
Mette talks about her project of module 2 in Ghana.
All are very concentrated... At this moment Filip is a student like us. :)
They're working on Deaf Art.
Also Ulaanaa does!
It is time to show their creations.
Mel explains the meaning of her creation.
Katrine lectures about the future of C.I. and Filip is interpreting for us.
A group pic.
The first time we went out for a date with eachother. ;)